History and Applications of Viscose Rayon

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History and Applications of Viscose Rayon

Viscose Rayon:

Viscose rayon is a synthetic regenerated cellulosic fiber made of wood pulp. It is the first viable manufactured fiber. It is also known as Artificial Silk.

History of Viscose Rayon:

  • In the year 1664, an English naturalist Robert Hooke gave a theory about artificial silk filaments that can be spun from cellulose / wood pulp, which is similar to silk produced from silkworms.

  • In the year 1885 a French scientist George Audemars was successfully extracted viscose rayon. But this process is not economically viable.

  • In the year 1889 a scientist named Hilaire de Bemiguad produced first commercial synthetic fiber later he took patent as “chardonnay silk” but this is not also economically viable.

  • In the year 1891 two English chemist Charles Frederick Cross and Edward John Bevan discovered “Viscose Process”.

  • In the year 1892 C.F. Cross and E.J. Bevan filed a British patent no. 8700 with title “Improvements in Dissolving Cellulose and Allied Compounds” for Viscose that became the basis for the Viscose and Rayon industries.

  • In the year 1893 Duo formed the “Viscose Syndicate” to grant licenses for “Viscose Process”.

  • In the year 1905 Courtaulds Ltd. USA produced the first economically Viable “Artificial Silk”.

Applications of Viscose Rayon:


Embroidery thread, Chenille, Cord, Novelty yarns.


Suiting, Lace, Crepe, Gabardine, Outerwear Fabrics and lining for Fur coats & Outerwear.


Dresses, Saris, Jackets, Blouses, Linings, Lingerie, Hats, Slacks, Active Wear, Ties.

Domestic Textiles:

Sheets, Curtains, Blankets, Bedspreads, Table Cloths, Upholstery, Slipcovers.

Industrial Textiles:

Aerospace applications, Agricultural applications, Braided Cord, Nonwoven disposable products, and reinforcement to rubber products.

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