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Fabric Inspection 10-Point System

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

10-point Fabric inspection system:

It is one of the Fabric inspection systems where a maximum of 10 penalty points can be awarded to one defect. This system was introduced in 1955 which was adopted by Textile Distributors and the National Federation of Textiles. This is the earliest inspection system and is designed to identify defects and assign each defect a value based on the severity of the defect.

Criteria for giving Penalty points:

In this system warp and weft, direction faults are separately inspected and assigned defects points accordingly.

In lengthwise/ warp way:

Size of Defect

Penalty Points

Up to 1 inch

1 Point

1 to 5 inches

3 Points

5 to 10 inches

5 Points

10 to 36 inches

10 Points

In Width wise / Weft way:

Size of defect


Up to 1 inch

1 point

1 to 5 inches

3 points

5 inches to Half the Width

5 points

Half to full Width

10 points

According to this system if the total defect points per 100 yards of fabric are 100 or more then the fabric will be rejected.


  1. No one yard should be penalized more than 10 points.

  2. A combination of warp and weft defect running in one yard should not be penalized more than 10 points.

  3. Any warp or weft defect occurring repeatedly throughout the entire piece makes its “second”.

  4. Cloth is inspected on face side only unless specified.


First Quality:

A piece is graded as “First” if the total quality points do not exceed the total yardage of the piece. E.g. 100-yard piece got the penalized of 70.

Second Quality:

A piece is graded as “second” if the total penalty points exceeded the total yardage of the piece.

Advantages of the 10-Point system:

  1. Oldest and most used in the woven finished fabric.

  2. In its length of fabric is used and along the length of warp and weft defects are indicated.

Disadvantages of the 10-Point System:

  1. It was difficult in practical use.

  2. It has Width limitations.

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