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Fabric Weight || GSM

GSM| Fabric Weight:

The weight of a fabric can be described in the following two ways:

  1. Weight per unit area in terms of ounces per square yard or grams per square meter.

  2. Weight per unit length in terms of ounce per yard or grams per meter.

The weight of a fabric can be determined by one of the following three methods:

Method 1:

Weighing of an entire cut, roll or bale of fabric when the length and width of the fabric are known, using the following formula.

Method 2:

Weighing of 1yard lengths of a fabric. This weight is called as weight per running yard. The weight of a unit length of fabric will be accepted by its width. Therefore, it is necessary to know the agreed standard width upon which the weight per running yard is based.

Method 3:

Weighing of small specimens which have been cut from the fabric. These specimens should not be smaller than 4 square inches area and if sufficient is available the desirable minimum area is 20 square inches. With the use of a die of proper size the samples can be prepared much faster.

Some quadrant balances have one scale graduated in ounces per square yard. A template of area 1/1000 sq. yard is used to cut the sample and is suspended from the sample hook of the quadrant balance and the reading is noted directly against the pointer on the scale for quick checks this method is used.

The weight per square yard of the fabric can be determined from the weights of warp and weft using the following formulas:


Weight per sq. yard of the fabric in ounce = weight of warp + weight of weft

Relationship between weight per unit area and weight per unit length:

Assuming that the effect of selvedge construction is negligible weight per unit area can be converted to weight per unit length and vice versa using the following relationships:

W= 36R / w and R=Ww/36


W = weight per square yard

R = Weight per running yard

W = Fabric width in inches.

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