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Classification | Comparison of Man made fibers

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Manufactured or man-made fibers are produced as continuous filaments by the chemicals or regenerated polymers whose structure, chemical composition and properties can be modified during manufacturing process.

Nylon 66 fiber was discovered in 1938, Nylon 6 in 1939, Polyacrylonitrile in 1949, Polyvinyl alcohol in 1950, Polyethylene terephthalate in 1953 and Polypropylene in 1957.

Classification of man made fibers:

1.modified or transformed natural polymers

2. wholly synthetic polymers

3. based on inorganic origin

Comparison of natural fibers with manmade fibers:

According to definition:

Natural fiber: The fibers which are produced by plants, animals or moths is referred as natural fibers.

Manmade fibers: The fibers which are manufactured by use of natural, synthetic or regenerated polymers is referred as manmade fibers.

According to properties:

According to production:


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