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Disadvantages of Ring Spinning

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

The following are the disadvantages of choosing the ring-spinning process

  • Process stages are more numerous, The Roving stage exists as an extra process compared to the other systems.

  • Yarn breakages are more numerous as a result of ring traveler friction and yarn air friction. interruptions, broken ends, and piecing-up problems exist because of the yarn breakages.

  • The high speed of the traveler damages the fiber.

  • The capacity of the cops is limited.

  • Energy cost is high.

  • Low production rate.

  • New Spinning processes have difficulty in gaining widespread acceptance. Owing to their individual limitations, the new spinning processes are confined to restricted sectors of the market.

  • The ring frame can only survive in the longer term if further success is achieved in the automation of the ring spinning process. Also, spinning costs must be markedly reduced since this machine is a significant cost factor in a spinning mill.

  • The cost structure in the ring-spinning mill is shown in the graph.

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