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Yarn Preparatory Processes

Ring yarn have many defects like thick place, thin place, slubs, neps, fly etc. All these defects have to be removed and small packages are to be converted to bigger packages. The conversion of smaller package to bigger package is called known as winding.

Removal of yarn from packages like ring cop or hank or cone or cheese or double flanged bobbin or spool etc. is called as unwinding.


It is defined as process of combining of ends from cone or cheese or spool or double flanged bobbin on to warper beam.

Warping is done to construct parallel long length yarn sheets of warp beams and to make convenient yarn sheet for next sizing process.

Every warper beam is provided with gadgion pin, ruffle and flanges. Every beam is characterized by a specific width.


Sizing is defined as a process of addition of starch to warp yarn in order to withstand stresses and strains during weaving.

After winding and warping operations, sizing is done.


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