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Yarn Count by Wrap Reel Method


To determine the yarn count by Wrap Reel Method.


  • WeighingBalance.

  • Scissors.

  • Wrap reel.

Objectives of Experiment:

  • To know about Yarn Count.

  • To know about wrap reel and analytical balance.

  • To know how to determine the count by wrap reel and analytical balance.

Wrap Reel:

A wrap reel or skein winder is a device for measuring yarn and making it into hanks of a standard size. The reel is of a standard size and its revolutions are counted as the yarn is wrapped around it. Typically, a set number of revolutions will be used so that the hank is of a standard size — a skein or lea. For example, a skein of cotton would be 80 turns on a reel of 54 inches circumference, making 120 yards, while the standard length for wool worsted would be 80 yards.

Wrap reel is two types on the basis of driving method:

  1. Hand Drive

  2. Power Drive.

Test Procedure:

  1. Select the Yarn for which count needs to be tested.

  2. Set the yarn through guide bars and tensioners.

  3. Wrap the yarn on the wrap reel to make Lea.

  4. Set the number of revolutions (80 turns for cotton) that need to be used to make hank (1hank = 120yards for cotton & 80yards for wool) (1 revolution = 54 inches).

  5. Weigh the Lea.

  6. Calculate the count by using a formula.



  • To maintain proper tension of yarn when the yarn is wind on wrap reel.

  • Weight is taken very carefully.

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