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Why Fiber testing?||Importance of testing || Fiber testing.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

What is fiber testing?

It is the process of checking the quality of raw material (fiber) before going to the main production.

Why Fiber Testing? (objectives of fiber testing)

In general, fiber testing is done to know about

1. Quality of raw material.

2. Monitoring production.

3. Assessing the final product.

4. Investigation of faulty material.

5. Product development and research.

6. New product development.

7. To set the standards.

Fiber testing includes:

1. Fiber Identification test.

2. Fiber length.

3. Fiber fineness.

4. Fiber maturity.

5. Fiber strength.

6. Trash content in cotton fibers.

Importance of Testing:

1. To check the product quality.

2. To handle the manufacturing process.

3. For customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Good reputation among customers.

Types of testing:

1. Destructive testing.

2. Non- destructive tests.


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