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Fabric Inspection | 4 point system

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Fabric Inspection:

It is defined as the process of maintaining the quality of raw materials used during the production of the finished product is known as inspection.

Four Point System:

In this system, one should inspect at least 10% of the total rolls in the shipment. Make sure that at least one roll from each color needs to be inspected.

Criteria for giving penalty points:

Note: a maximum of 4 points should be charged to one linear yard. Also, note that only “major” defects are charged.

The acceptable score varies. Many countries use 40 points per 100 yards as an acceptable defect rate. However, many find this is not acceptable.

Calculation of total points per yard:

In 4 point system, fabric quality is evaluated by unit points/100 sq. yds.

Points / 100 sq. yd. = (Total points in roll * 36 * 100)/ (Fabric length in yards * Fabric width in inches) Normally fabric rolls containing 40 points per 100 square yards are acceptable.

Example: A fabric roll of 135 yards long and 58 inches wide containing the following defects


Points / 100 sq. yd. = (30 x 36 x 100) / (135 x 58)

= 13.79 points

So, defect is accepted.

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