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Why fiber length?

Why fibre length?

  • Quality assessment, Fibre breakage study, machine settings, combing efficiency, etc.

  • The length of staple fibre is one of the most important characteristics. In general, a longer average fibre length is to be preferred because it confers a number of advantages. Firstly, longer fibres are easier to process. Secondly, more even yarns can be produced from them because there are fewer fibre ends in a given length of yarn. Thirdly, a higher strength yarn can be produced from them for the same level of twist.

  • The length and fineness are sometimes related in natural fibres whereas, for man-made fibres, length and fineness can be controlled separately.

  • The cut length of man-made fibres is often influenced by the fibre length of natural fibres.

The measurement of natural fibres is a task as there is a greater variation in the length of different types of the same material and even within the same type.

The properties of cotton fibre vary

  • for different varieties of cotton.

  • for different growth areas.

  • for different climatic conditions.

  • from year to year.

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