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Elements of beam warping

  1. Creels

  2. Warp stop motion.

  3. Fan

  4. Powerful clutch and brake

  5. Measuring motions

  6. Antibound let off motion.

  7. Foot pedal

  8. Beam bracket

  9. Beam doff and donning.

  10. Beam slip.


Accessories of a creel:

Click Here for types of creels/ Creels in Warping

Cone holder: it holds the cone.

Fans: it removes the dust and dirt from the yarn.

Guides: it guides the yarn to pass in the required way.

Warp stop motion: It is fitted itself in creel. It is electrical in nature. Feelers are used on the creel to feel the presence of warp yarn. If there is a any breakage in the package, machine stoppage takes place. Drop wires are used for passage of warp yarn through them.

Tensioners: it maintains the yarn tension and keep the yarn always in uniform tension.

Panel board: it displays where the yarns break and displays each information.


  • Generally, 3 fans are found on a side.

  • Blowing air on the package to prevent the dust accumulation.

  • Right down the fan, the ground suction is arranged to suck the dust.

  • All fans are connected in series with the motor. I.e., when motor runs fans are operated.

  • In the event of stoppage (yarn break), electrical stop motion, cone exhausted, full beam stop motion etc.

Powerful clutch & brake:

  • As warping is done at high speed it is necessary to bring the machine to crash stop in the event of machine stop due to various reasons.

  • This is necessary to prevent the running of beam with missing end.

  • First the clutch is operated which disengages the drive and then powerful brake is applied.

  • The clutch is used of double plated type.

Measuring motion:

  • It measures the length of the warp yarn.

  • Every warper beam must be prepared with a specific length of warp known as set length.

  • In other words, ones the beam attains this length, machine should be stopped.

  • This is controlled by measuring motion or full beam stop motion.

Antibound let off:

  • Every layer of warp on warper beam must be wound with compactness and is achieved by antibound let off mechanism.

  • It uses a set of limit switches for operation.

Foot pedal:

  • This helps in starting and stopping of the machine and it is provided the region where operator lay his foot.

  • It is made up of wood and connected with limit switches.

Beam bracket:

  • It holds the warp beam.

Beam doffing and donning:

  • When the set length is wound, the machine is stopped, and the beam is doffed by automatic arrangement.

  • An empty beam is mounted, and process is restarted.

Beam slip:

Beam slip of warping carries the following information.

Sort number

Total ends


Set length.

Warper number


Sizing machine

Type of creel

Type of beam.

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