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Yarn Preparation | Need of Yarn Preparation

The raw material for weaving is yarn which can be grey or dyed. Yarn is considered to be the main element for weaving. Yarn directly from spinning can not be used for weaving process as it contains some faults. So, yarn need to be processed before weaving which is also known as Yarn Preparatory process.

Need of yarn preparation:

1. To remove yarn faults.

2. To transfer the yarn form larger package to smaller package which will facilitates the weaving process.

3. To clean the yarn for better performance and appearance.

4. To create the desired length of Yarn package.

5. To obtain better quality of fabric.

6. To remove unwanted dust and protruding fibers.

Systems of Yarn Preparation:

It is a group of machines from winding to post sizing. Different systems are used for different end product.

The end products may be fabric made up of single yarn (or) double yarn. Majority of the fabrics are made up of single yarn. Some sorts (varieties) like suiting, furnishing is made up of double yarn. The machines used for single yarn and double yarn are different.

Based on the final product like grey (kora), dyed, bleached the systems are divided into

System A, System B, System C etc.,

System A:

Winding: High speed

Warping: Beam Warping

Sizing: 2 Cylinders

Post Sizing: Semi-automatic.

System B:

Winding: High/super speed

Warping: High speed

Sizing: multi-Cylinder

Post Sizing: Automatic.

System C: (Short Warp Length)

Winding: Super speed

Warping: Super speed

Sizing: multi-Cylinder with all controls

Post Sizing: Fully Automatic.

All the systems of yarn Preparation are also classified into short length warp preparation and long length warp preparation. Any set length < 1000m or 500 meters is known as short length warp system. In case of handloom saree ball warp is prepared.

All the mills consist of long warp system as the fabric length prepared will be in lakhs.

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