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Weaving | Loom Specifications | Classification of Loom


Weaving is one of the fabric manufacturing method. The process of interlacement of warp(end) and weft(pick) yarns into a fabric is known as weaving.

History of Weaving in India:

India is a vast diverse country which has a rich history of weaving. Indian cotton textiles were dated back 5000 years ago. Reference to Hiranya, or cloth made of gold, can be found in the ancient Vedas texts.

Loom Specifications:

  • Reed Space.

It is expressed in Inches or cm.

Example: 36”, 48”, 50”, 54”, 56”, 58”, 64”, 68”, 70”, 90” etc..

  • Right-hand and Left-hand Loom- It depends on the position of starting handle.

  • Picking – Over Picking or Under Picking.

  • Loose Reed or Fast Reed.

  • Semi-automatic or Automatic Loom.

  • Box Motion.

One side box motion and two side box motion

Example: 4x1, 4x4 etc.

  • Loom speed.

It is expressed in two ways

RPM (revolutions per Min. of crank shaft).

PPM (Picks per Min.)

Classification of Loom:

Classification based on Weft Insertion:

  1. Shuttle Loom: In this case Weft yarn is inserted by use of shuttle.

  2. Shuttle less Loom: In this case weft yarn is inserted by use of projectile, rapier, air jet, and water Jet.

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