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Process Flow Chart of Synthetic Fiber Production || Technical Operation in Man-Made fiber production

Process Flow Chart of Synthetic Fiber Production:

Technical Operation in Man-Made fiber production:

  1. Preparation of spinning fluid from polymers or directly from Monomers.

  2. Extrusion of the spinning fluid through small dies (spinnerets). Extrusion of the spinning fluid into filaments of revived, thickness, accompanied by solidification of the obtained filaments in quenching chamber.

  3. Mechanical, chemical and thermal treatment is applied on filaments to improve their characteristics and performance.

Characteristics of fiber forming polymers:


The polymer must be a linear flexible macromolecule with a high degree of symmetry. The effective cross-sectional diameter should be less than 15A^o. The polymer should not contain any bulk, side group chains.

Molecular Mass:

The polymer must have comparatively high molecular mass. The avg. length of its molecular chain should be in order of 1000A^o or more.


The molecule must have the capacity to adopt an extended configuration and state of mutual alignment.


A polymer should have at least a high degree of intermolecular cohesive power. This indicates that the molecular chains should have sufficient number at sites of attraction.


A high degree of orientation of the molecules in the polymer is a pre requisite for producing good tensile strength.

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