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Picking | Objectives of Picking | Types of Picking | Classification of Picking

Pick: Pick is a single weft yarn in woven fabric.

Picking: It is the process of weft yarn insertion in the warp shed. Picking is the second primary motion in the weaving.

Objectives of Picking :

  • To throw the Shuttle at a pre-determined speed.

  • It delivers the shuttle from one shuttle box to the other.

  • To insert the weft yarn through the shed.

Types of Picking:

  1. Shuttle Picking

  2. Projectile Picking

  3. Rapier Picking

  4. Water Jet Picking

  5. Air Jet Picking

Classification of Shuttle Picking:

  • Negative Picking

1. Over Picking

2. Under Picking

  • Semi Positive Picking

  • Positive Picking

1.Over Pick Mechanism – Cone Over Pick Mechanism

2. Under Pick Mechanism

A) Side – level Under Pick Mechanism

B) Side – Shaft Under Pick Mechanism

C) Cone Under Pick Mechanism.

Over Pick : In this case the picking arm position is situated above the shuttle box.

Under Pick : In this case the picking arm position is situated below the shuttle box.

Difference between over pick and under pick :

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