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Parts of Loom

Weavers beam:

This is also known as warp beam. Weavers beam holds certain length of yarns, which is located back of the machine and it is controlled so that it releases yarn to the weaving area of the loom as needed.

Whip roll (Bars of Back rest):

This is a guide roller which directs the warp threads on their way to the lease rods and heddles.

Lease Rods:

This is the guiding device for warp yarns, it can be wooden or glass rods which is placed in between whip rollers and heddles. Alternate warp threads can be separated by using this rod.

Heddles or Healds:

It is a wire with an eye(hole) in the center through which warp yarn is dented. There are many heddles which will be equal to or greaterthan the warp yarns in the cloth, and the heddles are held in two or more harness.


It is a frame which holds the heddles. Every heddle consists of an eye fixed through that one or additional warp yarn passes. It is a necessary part of the loom as it has upward and downward moment of warp yarn, which ensures the right running of the filling yarn over or below the warp yarn to supply the designed pattern within the textile. Harness consists variety of heddles.

Reed or Batten:

It is a frame which is directly found before the harness. This frame pushes forward whenever the shuttle passes in between warp yarn and presses back the filling thread in position.


It is a device which is located at the edges of the cloth which helps to maintain the dimensions of the cloth.

Breast Beam:

It is a device which is located at the front of the loom over which the cloth passes on its way to the cloth roller.

Emery Roller:

It is a steel roller which is covered with sand or emery which helps for the gripping the fabric.

Tension Roller:

It is a steel roller which helps to maintain the proper tension during cloth winding.

Cloth Roller:

It is roller which is in front of the loom and which hold the complete fabric.


It is a device which holds weft yarn, and it passes forward and backward across the loom.


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