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Loom temples

Normally warp sheet contracts from 2 to 15% in width from reed to the cloth due to interlacement of warp and weft. This can be prevented by using loom temples.

Loom temples provides uniform width of the cloth.

Functions of loom temples:

  1. These maintains the width of warp in reed is equal to width of warp or cloth at fell.

  2. These stretch the fabric and avoid contraction.

  3. These prevent the formation of curly selvedges.

Types of temples:

Temples are different types and selected based on type of warp yarn and weft yarn and it may be provided with the following.

Rings made up of brass with tapered thickness and with wires projecting from the surface.

Ring temple: It is used for light, medium and heavy weight fabrics. It is used to weave woollen, heavy cotton, jute and linen yarns.

Roller temple: It is used for light and medium weight fabrics.

Spiked temple: It is used to weave cotton yarns.

Screwed rubber temple: It is used for light weight dresses and materials.

Fluted temple: It is used to weave synthetics and cotton.

Fluted spiked temple: It is used for viole and georegettes.

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