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Blow room in Spinning process | Objectives of Blow room

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

What is Blow room?

Blow room is the first and foremost stage in the spinning process. As all the processes in this stage are carried out with air flow this stage is called Blow room. Blow room consist of series of machines which is to open and clean the cotton tufts.

Objectives/Functions of Blow room:

1. To open the compressed bale of fibers into small tufts with minimum damage to the fibers.

2. To remove the impurities like seeds, seed coats, leaf, sand etc.

3. To mix thoroughly different component of fibers.

4. To remove micro dust.

5. To convert mass of cotton fibers into a uniform thick sheet of cotton lap or to chute feed system.

6. To recover the waste produced in various processes.

Basic Operations in Blow room:

1. Opening:

  • To open the compressed cotton bales.

  • To reduce the cotton tuft size to as tiny as possible.

2. Cleaning:

  • To Remove the dust particles like plastic particles, seeds, dried leaf, stems and other vegetable matter and foreign matter.

  • To remove the metal objects, present in the bales.

3. Mixing & Blending:

  • To reduce the production cost as well as to obtain good quality of yarn mixing and Blending of different classes of cotton is needed to do.

4. Even Feed of Material to the Card:

  • To Feed the cotton flacks at constant rate to carding machine.

Machines used in Blow room line:

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