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He did not explain why it should take as long as three years, let alone five. Mr Bengtsson added: “The really important thing is that these limits and affordability checks are for individuals. There have been some suggestions of one level for everyone, which clearly would not work. I want to make that clear”

With that we wholly agree. What can be an enormous sum and totally unaffordable for most people is, for some, small change, as this example shows. It comes from a case where Aspinall’s Club was seeking to recover the £2 million which the defendant had paid by a cheque which he had dishonoured: “On 10 March 2000 the defendant, Fouad Al-Zayat, a businessman resident in Nicosia, Cyprus visited the claimant’s gaming club, Aspinall’s, in Mayfair. He had visited the club on an irregular but frequent basis since 10 October 1994.

He continued to do so until 11 April 2006. During that period he gambled £91,538,077 and lost £23,225,041.89. … In 1999 and 2000 he began to gamble sums in excess of one million pounds in a single night. … On the night of 10 March 2000 he gambled £2m. and lost every penny.”347 315. At the other end of the scale, this example is taken from the Gambling Commission’s decision in the case of Caesars Entertainment to which we referred in the previous chapter as an example of a recent large financial settlement:

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