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Spinneret || Shapes of Spinneret


A spinneret is a nozzle or a thin plate with number of fine holes / slits through which fiber forming solution or melt is extruded.

It is a stainless-steel disc of approx. 4mm thickness it is drilled with the help of laser.

Features of Spinneret:

  1. Spinneret holes are wider at entry than exit.

  2. The denier of filament extruded through a hole does not depend upon its size, but it has some significance on the efficient extrusion depending on melt delivery speed.

  3. Special spinnerets are required for the production of hollow fibers and bi-component fibers.

  4. After long use the spinnerets get checked and it is essential to clean them.

  5. The spinneret holes may be broken spotted.

Shapes of Spinneret:

Generally, spinneret shapes are of two kinds

  1. Round hole.

  2. Irregular shaped hole.

Circular Spinneret

Irregular Shape Spinneret


  1. Clogging – The holes can be block for solid particles mix with polymer solution.

  2. Breaking – On account of high pressure of temperature.


  1. To get rid of clogging spinneret should be cleaned after some days.

  2. To avoid breaking problem spinneret should be changed.

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