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Title: The Apparel Industry

Author: Richard M. jones

Note: This is pdf no physical copy is sent.


  1. What is the apparel industry?
  2. The apparel industry in the UK - Current size and Structure.
  3. The apparel sector in the Global Economy.
  4. The Role of Labour Cost and Theories of Development.
  5. The Facts: UK Apparel Trade - The Current Trade Position.
  6. The Concept of Globalisation.
  7. The Response to Global Shift - Strategic  Imperatives and the Diamond Framework.
  8. Issues in Offshore Production Strategies.
  9. The Role of Trade Barriers and Exchange Rate Fluctuations in the Global Apparel Market.
  10. The Economics of the UK Apparel Market.
  11. Emerging Markets and the Globalisation of the UK Apparel Industry.
  12. Conclusion and Lessons for the Future.

The Apparel Industry

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