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Title: Modelling and predicting textile behavior

Author: X. Chen

No. of pages: 554

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  1. Structural hierarchy in textile materials: an overview
  2. Fundamental modeling of textile fibrous structures
  3. Yarn modeling
  4. Modeling the structures and properties of woven fabrics
  5. Modeling of nonwoven materials
  6. Modeling and visualization of knitted fabrics
  7. Modeling of fluid flow and filtration through woven fabrics
  8. Modeling, simulation, and control of textile dyeing
  9. Modeling color properties for textiles
  10. 3D modeling, simulation, and visualization techniques for drape textiles and garments
  11. Recognition, differentiation, and classification of regularly repeating patterns in textiles
  12. Mathematical and mechanical modelling of 3D cellular textile composites for protection against trauma impact
  13. Development and application of expert systems in the textile industry

Modelling and predicting textile behavior

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