Wool Fiber Length

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(Capacitance Method)

WIRA fibre diagram machine:

(length for combed wool fibre)

  • Parallel fibres have one end sealed between strips of plastic.

  • Measurement is carried out by pulling the fibres “draw” through measuring slots.

  • M/c measures the capacitance as the ‘draw’ passes through slots. (capacitance is proportional to the amount of material)

  • Measured Length is calculated from the ten-length reading taken at 10% interval between 5% and 95% (= S Li / 10).

Wool fibre length measurement by Almeter:

(capacitance method)

  • An automatic version of the WIRA fibre diagram machine, with modification.

  • The sample is prepared by fully automatic m/c known as “fibroliner”.

  • During measurement, the sample is moved (trapped between two plastic films) at a constant speed with the longest fibre entering the capacitor first.

  • Change incapacity is caused by the amount of fibre.

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